Voutilainen announce Minute Repeater 10

First published: 12-10-2010

A new Voutilainen timepiece offers those wanting to invest in a new product the chance to see just what goes on inside the mechanics of a watch.

That is because the Minute Repeater 10 is designed with an open dial, in which everything from the bridges, to the hammers, to every spring is easily seen by the naked eye, Watch Luxus reports.

Using gold and grey touches within different parts of the mechanics, meaning that it is not just a collection of complicated pieces, also makes the timepiece attractive to look at.

Voutilainen, which was first established in 2002 by watchmaker Kari Voutilainen, has also included a wealth of elegant and unique features into the time display, with a separate second dial displayed near to the six o'clock position being the main element.

Luxury materials have also been put to great use, with stainless steel used for the case and a leather strap making for a comfortable feel when the timepiece is worn. This is helped even more for the user thanks to a slick 38-millimetre diameter and light feel to the product, according to the website.


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