Vivienne Westwood making watch collection

First published: 20-09-2010

Well-know fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is set to launch her very own watch collection.

It is a move sure to interest and excite fans of fashion timepieces, with the collection set to be first launched at the Baselworld 2011 event, Professional Jeweller has reported.

The British icon has had a highly regarded career so far in the fashion industry, with Ms Westwood first showing off her unique style back in 1971, so her venture into the watch making industry will be an intriguing one, at least until the designs have been unveiled.

The timepieces will be made available towards the end of next year, will be released in styles for both men and women, developed as a result of collaborating with Herald Group subsidiary Zeon Limited.

Its managing director Richard Tibber said: "We are excited to be working with the iconic Vivienne Westwood brand to design and produce what will be a stunning watch collection."


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