Victoria Beckham goes running in London - with some posh trainers

First published: 22-05-2013

Victoria Beckham may be a fashion guru now, but that doesn't mean she hasn't got to keep fit like the rest of us. Rather than using a swanky gym though, Posh apparently takes to the streets of London.

The 38-year-old posted an update on her Twitter feed this week that included a picture of her foot in the air clad in a neon green trainer with what looked like a park in the background.

She had captioned the snap: "Let's go running fashion bunnies!!! Beautiful evening in London."

Hilariously, the former Spice Girl's footwear had 'Posh' emblazoned on the tongue section, showing a little of that wry humour we love her for but don't get to see nearly enough of.

The fact that Victoria is pounding the streets of London to keep fit could spark a sudden interest in jogging among locals keen to catch a glimpse of the 38-year-old, who has presumably been doing it incognito so far.

She might have the footwear, but we wonder if VB has treated herself to some new running gear now she has moved back to London and started a fresh fitness regime? A sports watch could be a great idea so she can see how long it takes her to do laps.

However, she will have to make sure she goes for comfort rather than style with a timepiece of this sort - metal bracelets that have lots of links may rub the skin, so plastic or rubber could be her best bet (and yours if you're keen to start jogging).

It's also possible to get really 'posh' running watches that can link up with a computer, so perhaps Victoria could look into this.

Good sports watches to start with include the Speedo Ladies' 150 Lap Alarm Chronograph - and it could also be useful for when she is waiting to pick son Brooklyn up from football training. It was recently revealed that he has signed with the Queens Park Rangers' Under-14 academy side.


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