Vertime brands to be distributed by Timex UK

First published: 23-06-2014

Watchmaker Timex UK has branched out into the luxury market by being the exclusive distributor of the Vertime brands.

The Versace, Versus Versace and Salvatore Ferragamo watch brands are now under the umbrella of Timex UK, according to WatchPro, in this strategic expansion of its product line.

Under the terms of the licensing agreement, the Timex Group now has the right to design, manufacture and distribute the timepieces that are part of the three aforementioned brands. 

Managing director for Timex UK Stuart Bissett told WatchPro that this was a "fantastic opportunity" for his firm to be an active part in all areas of the UK watch industry. 

"We already have the Timex and Nautica brands that we are actively distributing in the volume end of the business; the Vertime brands will allow us to use our knowledge of the UK jewellery and watch market to gain access to the prestige end of our industry as well. 

He added that the firm was "very much looking forward" to talking to both new and existing customers about the new Swiss ranges that were now represented by Timex UK. 

Both Versace and Salvatore Ferragamo are portrayed as "brilliant tributes to the Italian tradition of craftsmanship, combining Swiss watchmaking excellence with a pure and refined design" by the watchmaker, while Versus Versace timepieces are called the "rebellious young line of Versace". 

Versace and Versus Versace Watches recently experienced a successful trip to the Couture Design Awards 2014, which was held from May 28th to June 2nd at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. 

Consumers seemed enamoured with the wares on show and president of Versace Timepieces for the USA and the Caribbean Kari Allen revealed orders came in thick and fast, PR Newswire reports.  

"Our new Key Biscane and Coconut Grove Collections are exactly what today's young trend setters are looking for and we couldn't have been more pleased at how well they were received by retailers, manufacturers and the fashion press," she remarked. 

This year's Couture showcased two brand new timepieces to enhance consumer appeal. The Versace Day Glam is a new take on the timeless sports chronograph for the female market, while the Urban Gent appeared to gain traction with male customers, due to its 'less is more' approach. 

In May this year, Timex UK enlisted the services of television presenter Laura Whitmore to ascertain where the public's inspiration for their fashion choices comes from.

Senior international marketing manager Genevieve Robillard explained the reason behind this, by saying what people choose to wear makes a statement about who they are and points to their character and individuality. 

Ms Robillard spoke of her belief that Timex UK's watches are iconic and trusted by the nation, and that individuals' ability to make a stand through their choice of clothes was worth celebrating. 

While there seems to be an exciting period ahead for Timex UK, only time will tell whether or not these marketing strategies and exciting acquisitions will translate into sales and profits. 


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