Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig talks about new-found love for watches

First published: 09-05-2013

Many people will have been quietly wearing watches for years after trying them out as kids and finding them indispensable.

However, there are still timepiece virgins out there who are getting into watches for the first time and discovering why everyone else loves them so much.

One of them is Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig, who has written an article for Esquire magazine in which he talks about his newfound passion for the accessories.

Unbelievably, he only got his first watch a few weeks ago.

"It's a Casio retrofitted with a three-color band: red, white and black. I'd never considered wearing a watch before, but it struck me as a sensible step toward spending less time on my phone," Koenig said.

He added that looking at a watch face instead of his phone for the time helps him to take "a small step away from that hyperconnected, everything-all-of-the-time modern anxiety", which is another benefit on top of looking polished and cool.

And just as you suddenly start spotting cars just like yours when you get a new one, Koenig explained that he has started noticing other people's designer watches too and even strikes up conversations about them - although he did admit he is slightly concerned about becoming a bore.
The rock star even went on to carefully consider what wearing a watch really means in the grand scheme of things, apart from helping him know the time.

He commented: "The watch is a symbol of both money and time, right? A watch measures the one thing that money can't buy, the one thing that devours us all, rich and poor alike: time."

That's very philosophical indeed - perhaps Koenig might want to take a look back into Esquire's archives to consider how the way you wear a watch can say something about you.

A past article said those who wear their watch face inside their wrist can appear as though they are trying to be cool, while sporting a timepiece over the cuff of a shirt suggests the wearer is either allergic to it or got dressed in the dark.


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