Urwerk reveals last ever UR-103

First published: 11-07-2011

Watchmaker Urwerk is giving one of its collections once last venture for the Only Watch 2011 auction, timepiece fans may be interested to hear.

Last year, the brand revealed that it was to cease production of the UR-103 range, which featured a device with an alien-like design and one-of-a-kind time-reading approach.

Now though, Urwerk has revealed that a special-edition of the UR-103 will be made available for this year's Only Watch event, which takes place in September.

The watch will be the last ever made in the collection, featuring a dial that displays time via a collection of discs, as well as a bar from the five o'clock to the seven o'clock position.

Meanwhile, an elegant white-gold case gives the design a sleek touch that is sure to catch the eye of watch enthusiasts.

Only Watch 2011 occurs on September 23rd and will feature a wealth of special timepieces from the likes of Delacour, Chanel, Piaget and Hermes.


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