Unisex qualities 'push Tokyo Flash watches to cult status'

First published: 20-11-2009

Tokyo Flash watches have always been well-known for intriguing styles and difficult-to-understand displays, one expert believes.

Shade Station noted that such offerings challenge the way people treat the concept of time, giving the brand an extra level of street cred due to the offerings being so different to contemporary styles.

It explained that Tokyo Flash watches suit the modern climate due to the ability of the brand to tap into the trend of using technology as a fashion statement, making so-called "geek chic" even cooler than it already is.

However, it is the ability for it to appeal to both men and women which is a real draw for individuals, according to Shade Station.

"The range is unisex and despite their immediate appeal to males, they look equally great on females, completely encapsulating the boyfriend chic and androgynous look which is very much on trend right now," it concluded.

Last month, Cnet explained that the advanced Kisai series of Tokyo Flash shows style beyond some of its predecessors, such as the Fire and Pleasure Seeker models.


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