Unique watches 'have special appeal to them'

First published: 05-09-2011

Selecting a watch which looks very different from the other styles on the market can be an appealing choice for those who want something that will stand out from the crowd.

Offering his views on timepieces, renowned wrist watch expert Ariel Adams wrote for Business Insider that a new model produced by Konstantin Chaykin appeals greatly to him, as it already looks very old and worn, despite being brand new.

He explained that the strap is crafted in worn leather and the case is made from Wooltz steel, which is created using a 2,000 year old method.

"Not only is this watch original but it has a specialness to it that separates it from many other indie watches," he explained.

When choosing a luxury watch, Robin Swithinbank, editor of watches publication QP, said recently that it is best to look beyond the well-known brands, as there are many fine timepieces being created by smaller manufacturers.  


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