Under the spotlight: Rose gold watches

First published: 30-01-2017

Under the spotlight: Rose gold watches

Rose gold accessories have had a resurgence in popularity. Originally fashionable in the 18th century, and once again in the 1920s, this shade is now vintage and fashionable all at once. There's no better way to add the style to your wardrobe than with a rose gold watch.

Available for women and men, rose gold watches may only have delicate detailing around the face and the clasp, or employ full rose gold for a bolder finish.

Let's look at some of the best rose gold watches you can buy, and learn how to take care of your rosy timepiece to keep it looking great for years.

Rose gold watches for women


This Michael Kors ladies watch features rose gold plating throughout, and is accentuated with silver and rose gold crystals. It's the tortoise-shell detailing that sets this timepiece apart, creating a glossy finish that suits a boardroom as much as a cocktail bar.


Rose gold isn't just for high-fashion pieces. Olivia Burton has quickly become the go-to designer for vintage lovers, with many of the designs featuring rose gold detailing to flatter the feminine styling. The Olivia Burton midi dial features a flattering salmon face with rose gold notes around the face and clasp, and is paired with a soft white leather strap - the perfect daytime piece.


The gentle rose gold colouring is beautifully paired with natural imagery of flowers and fauna to reflect the classic British countryside scene on the Cath Kidston British Birds watch. A great example of how pictures can be used on wristwear to add striking colouring to the otherwise soft tone of the watch.


For anyone who likes rose gold and making a striking statement with their accessories, gold blush can be paired with bold colours for a stunning finish. The Karl Lagerfeld Labelle watch uses rose gold on the face and strap, while the bright pink leather strap adds a playful, fashionable edge. A nice conversation piece.


Rose gold also matches well with darker tones; ideal for adding a fashionable twist to a professional outfit. The dark face on this Marc Jacobs Baker watch enables the rose gold detailing to stand out, making this otherwise traditional design eye-catching.

Rose gold watches for men


For the guys, this Thomas Sabo Eternal Rebel features a classic sports mechanism with a black, glossy face, which balances well with the rose gold plated stainless steel. Combined, you get a watch that balances masculine design with a delicate, stylish edge. It'll look great paired with a sharp suit.


In a similar style, this Henry London Stratford watch pairs the rose gold plating across the bracelet and face with a deep, emerald green. It's fun, fresh, and fashionable; perfect for a young professional looking for a timepiece that stands out from the crowd.


The copper blend that creates rose gold means the shade pairs well with brown leather, for a mature look. This Kennett Kensington watch is perfect for the discerning gentleman looking for a watch that reflects his values: traditional, subtle, masculine and elegant.


Rose gold retro styling isn't limited to ladies' watches. The Nixon Time Teller watch takes the iconic, retro digital watch design to the next level. Rose gold plating is used throughout, while the digital display makes this an easy-to-read watch that looks great with fast fashion street wear.


For fans of rose gold who aren't quite ready to take the plunge with a full metallic timepiece, this elegant Emporio Armani men's watch features a rosy face, paired with a deep brown leather strap alongside a silver face frame. Timelessly styled, the rose face detailing gives a modern touch that suits a variety of styles and ages.

How to care for a rose gold watch

Whether your watch is plated or solid rose gold, the maintenance is the same. One of the most important steps you can take to keep your watch looking great is to take precautionary care of it.
  • Avoid wearing your watch until you've finished getting ready for the day; hairspray and perfume can become corrosive over time, dulling the appearance of the watch.
  • To clean your watch, avoid using anything too wet. A simple, damp cloth is ideal for cleaning the face and clasp. Meanwhile, use a cotton bud or toothbrush, slightly dampened, to gently clean around the crystals and between the links on the bracelet.
  • Mild hand wash, sparingly applied to a damp cloth, can be used to clean a leather strap, keeping it looking fresh and shiny.
  • Finally, buff the watch gently with a clean, dry cloth to add a deep shine, making your watch look brand new.

Rose gold watches for men and women are the ideal addition to your jewellery box. Take a look at the full Watch Shop rose gold collection, or read about more watch trends with our Watch News page.


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