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First published: 07-11-2017

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Since 1977, Polar has been industry leaders in fitness watches and straps, helping its fanbase to reach its full potential when working out. Today, the Polar range of fitness watches cater to most in the fitness market, from those looking to simply lead a healthy lifestyle, to professional athletes at the top of their game.

With more than 30 years in the industry, Polar has become a global sensation, with fitness products sold in more than 80 countries. You don't have to travel far to find your own Polar watch, though; here is a selection of our favourites which highlight why the brand is among the most popular today.

Polar M200

Polar Unisex  M200 Bluetooth GPS Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Chronograph Watch

Purpose built for runners, the M200 (&pound129.50) is adaptable to the wearer's needs. With in-built training modes for different running lengths and personalised goals, this stylish unisex fitness watch highlights the brand's understanding that every runner's needs are different.

The M200 works with the Polar Flow app, and can help to monitor more than just your workout; daily activity tracking, GPS, smart notifications, and sleep monitoring are also included for 24/7 feedback.

Polar A370

Polar Unisex  A370 Bluetooth GPS HR Activity Tracker Alarm Chronograph Watch

The A370 (&pound169.50) is an upgraded version of the A360 model, and is designed as an activity tracker for those who like to mix up their workout. The fitness modes include over 100 different sports, so whether you're hitting the gym, playing in a match, or hiking in the great outdoors, you can monitor your performance.

This attractive model also includes smart watch features, and is compatible with Android and iOS for extra convenience.

Polar Loop 2

Polar Unisex  Loop 2 Sorbet Pink Bluetooth Activity Tracker Watch

The affordable Loop 2 (&pound59.50) is arguably one of the best entry-level fitness monitors available today. Using the technology and experience that goes into higher-end Polar watches, the Loop 2 helps wearers to stay motivated, and fit exercise into a busy lifestyle.

Sync the watch with Polar Flow and receive daily feedback on calories, steps, and sleep. The Loop 2 will give notifications when you've been inactive for too long, and can even send smart notifications straight to your wrist.

Polar H10

Polar Unisex H10 Heart Rate Monitor Sensor Chest Strap Bluetooth Watch

For a completely well-rounded workout, Polar goes beyond watches, and offers a range of heart rate monitor straps, including the H10 (&pound77.00). With greater accuracy than a wrist-based monitor, a chest strap is essential for anyone who wants to take their workout to the next level, and go beyond basic feedback for improvement.

Polar has rightly taken the fitness watch market by storm, with entry-level prices and expert feedback for all types of exercise. For more fitness watches, look at the full fitness watch range available at Watch Shop.


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