Under the spotlight: Olivia Burton watches

First published: 19-12-2017

Olivia Burton Ladies' Animal Motif 3D Bee Midi Dial Watch

Ladies' Olivia Burton Animal Motif 3D Bee Midi Dial watch (RRP £125)

In less than five years, Olivia Burton has gone from being a two-woman start-up to one of Britain's most successful watch and jewellery brands. And after recently signing a £60m deal with US watchmaking giants Movado, global domination beckons.

So, just how did Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings turn their ambitious dream into a reality? After spotting a gap in the market for affordable and unashamedly feminine watches, the pair started by ploughing a modest £15k in savings into the idea.

While many thought they were crazy, it was Bennett's great aunt, Olivia Burton, that lent the most support. She loved their idea and encouraged the pair of university friends to see it through, inspiring the company name.

Today, it's one of the UK's most recognisable fashion brands and it's hard to imagine a watch world without it. Want one on your wrist? We've picked five of our favourite watches from the collection that perfectly capture the Olivia Burton spirit.

Black and gold magic

Olivia Burton Ladies' Marble Floral Black & Gold Floral Watch

Ladies' Olivia Burton Marble Floral black and gold watch (RRP £72)

Nature is a recurring theme in the Olivia Burton collection, and this elegant marble floral black and gold watch (RRP £72) is a fine example.

Featuring a rich floral illustration set against the black marble-effect dial, which is framed by a golden case, the piece is finished with a slim black bracelet. Both edgy and feminine, it'll look smart when paired with a black jacket and trousers.

Enchanted butterfly garden

Olivia Burton Ladies' Enchanted Garden Grey Lilac & Rose Gold Watch

Ladies' Olivia Burton Enchanted Garden grey lilac and rose gold watch (RRP £92)

One of the most striking watches from the collection is this ornate Enchanted Garden watch (RRP £92).

The slimline grey leather strap features a rose gold butterfly, which is nicely carried through to the dial with its enchanted garden illustration. The watch is finished with a rose gold case, which gives this vintage-inspired piece a contemporary twist. It's girly without being too loud, making it perfect for pairing with jeans and a t-shirt.

Create a buzz

Olivia Burton Ladies' Animal Motif 3D Bee Midi Dial Watch

Ladies' Olivia Burton Animal Motif 3D Bee Midi Dial watch (RRP £125)

Olivia Burton's iconic bumblebee that has become synonymous with the brand, featuring on many of its bestselling pieces.

This 3D Bee Midi Dial watch (RRP £125) features that same stunning 3D bee in the centre of the dial, which pops against its minimal, grey, and gold surroundings. A unique piece unlike anything else we've seen, the subtle colouring means it pairs well with virtually any outfit, while the bold bee will ensure you're always making a statement.

Fine like wine

Olivia Burton Ladies' White Dial Midi Dial Burgundy & Gold Watch

Ladies' Olivia Burton white dial Midi Dial burgundy and gold watch (RRP £72)

Simplicity is the secret to this beautiful burgundy Midi Dial watch (RRP £72). The oxblood coloured strap is perfectly on trend, and pairs well with everything from pastel pink to charcoal grey. With its plain white dial and golden case, hands, and hour markers, it will add a touch of sophistication in and out of a professional environment.

Golden class

Olivia Burton Ladies' Midi Dial Watch

Ladies' Olivia Burton gold Midi Dial watch (RRP £92)

Another minimalist masterpiece from the collection comes in the shape of this gold midi dial watch (RRP £92). The pretty link bracelet has plenty of luxe appeal, which works in perfect harmony with the dreamy matt gold colouring. It's a truly timeless piece that will look effortlessly stylish with everything from a white t-shirt to a cocktail dress.

With its must-have colour palettes, old school charm, and quintessentially English eye for style, it's no wonder that Olivia Burton is in demand and poised for global success.

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