Under the spotlight - Formula-1 - watches for the new season

First published: 04-04-2016

Starting Lights

Never mind the start of Spring. For F1 fans, the month of March is best known as the traditional curtain-raiser of the Formula 1 season.

While Hamilton and Rosberg are battling it out on the streets of Melbourne, you can slot your wrist wear into pole position with our top tips.

Add a touch of Ferrari red to your outfit with a Scuderia Ferrari watch, or opt for a motorsport-influenced TW Steel piece - they're like alloy wheels for your wrist, with their oversized, metallic designs.

Rev your engine; we're about to race through three of each maker's best.

The sporting influence

If there's one colour that associated with Ferrari, it's red. The traditional motorsport colour of Italy, 'rosso corsa', or 'racing red', has long been proudly worn by Ferrari cars and drivers, who have been cheered by the Tifosi since the 1950s and beyond.

With red and black forming a strong basis for the Redrev T watch, no one could possibly miss the prancing horse that sits right where the 12 should be.

Scuderia Ferrari Men's  RedRev T Watch

The bright-yellow, iconic logo is complemented by the white batons and hands that also adorn the face, which attaches to your wrist with a tyre tread-like strap.

Shiny silver

Silver is metallic enough to look at home amongst any F1 team in the pits, but to fans, it should spark images of one line of cars over any other.

McLaren famously dressed their cars in silver from 1997 all the way up to the 2015 season. Now, American team Haas flies the silver flag, after the British team opted for an all-new black scheme.

This TW Steel Canteen watch couldn't be more silver if it tried, with only a few black details adding a touch of contrast to the piece. Everything about it is chunky and oversized, from the numbers to the hands, and even the crown.

TW Steel Unisex  Canteen 40mm Watch

If you're looking for a watch that'll stand out as much as the McLarens do on track, this is the one.

Classically Ferrari

While red is very much Ferrari's colour of choice on the circuit, it's not the only option when it comes to their timepiece selection.

Think what the Italian gents of yesteryear, such as the legendary Alberto Ascari, will have worn when not at the wheel, dressed in dapper suits with the accessories to boot.

An altogether more subtle affair, the brown and gold combo of colours in the D50 Chronograph watch is as traditional as they come, and even the yellow badge is toned down to a simple silver.

The racing roots are still strong in this piece however, with a dash of Ferrari red on the face, as well as a stopwatch-style display being favoured over numbers or batons.

The colour of British motorsport

While red is the colour of Ferrari, there are a host of other colours out on track and in the pit lane. British racing green has long been right at the heart of motorsport, last used in Formula 1 by the Caterham team back in 2014, as well as Aston Martin at Le Mans in 2007.

TW Steel Men's  Canteen Chronograph 45mm Watch

This Canteen Chronograph watch from TW Steel allows you to bring a bit of BRG from the track into your everyday life. With a crew of gold and silver backing up the all-eyes-on-me watch face, the miniature dials are even reminiscent of the displays on a top-of-the-range sports car.

Modern and trendy

Ferrari might be a classic car brand and racing team - being right there from the beginning of Formula 1 in 1950 - yet they remain as popular and as cutting-edge as ever.

Experimenting with colours other than red, it's common to see both yellow and black models parked on the streets of Monaco.

With dashes of yellow set amongst black and silver, this Heritage Chronograph watch from Scuderia Ferrari is anything but red.

Scuderia Ferrari Men's  SF107 Heritage Chronograph Watch

The face is packed with bold features and additional dials, and with this silver focal point sitting at the centre of the piece, the black strap encases it like a tyre wrapped around a wheel plucked straight from their F1 car.

Clean cut

Williams has long worn the colour white on their cars, especially back when they were first finding their feet as a team in the late 70s. With forays into red and blue schemes through the 90s and 00s, the Brits are back in their synonymous colours as of 2014.

If you're keen to add a little bit of Williams influence to your accessories, then opt for a timepiece that celebrates everything about the colour.

This CEO Ceramic watch from TW Steel is almost completely white, perfectly complemented by its pearl face. It's beautiful and pristine, ready to roll out of the garage and onto your wrist.

TW Steel Ladies'  CEO Ceramic 45mm Watch

While Ferrari's F1 entrants are always red, we've run through a whole grid of motorsports watches in all manner of designs and colours.

No matter how you want to celebrate the new season with your wrist wear, you can choose the piece that draws upon your personal racing influences and add it to your ensemble.


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