Under the spotlight - Citizen watches

First published: 13-01-2017

Under the spotlight: Citizen watches

With its roots planted in 1930s Tokyo,Citizen watches fuse beauty and technology like few other brands in the watch-making world. To this day, Citizen still embodies what some people associate with the East: the way it leads the world with all things tech.

If you're interested in wearing a Citizen watch, we've picked out several of the Japanese watchmaker's very best timepieces for men and women so you can better understand your options.

For Men:

Citizen Red Arrows World Time Men's Watch

Any watch with a design influenced by the famous Red Arrows flying squadron gets extra points for style, and this Citizen Red Arrows World Time watch is one of the most intricate and delicately designed models in its Red Arrows range.


With hints of red dotted among the silver casing and beautiful black strap, the real star quality of this men's watch is its world time chronograph that allows you to work out the time in major cities around the world at the flick of your wrist. Perfect for jetsetters, frequent travellers, or simply the inquisitive, it'll have you twisting the dials for hours on end.

Citizen Red Arrows Skyhawk A-T Men's Watch

The Skyhawk A-T Red Arrows watch contains a range of features that extend beyond the capabilities of the average timepiece.

Take the fully titanium casing and strap for starters. Both look great, and have the advantage of being hypoallergenic. And that same sturdy casing allows you to take it down underwater to huge depths of up to 200 metres.


But its real party trick is the way it stays up to date. The Skyhawk has a radio-controlled movement which syncs up with time zone signals transmitted all around the globe. So you'll never have to turn the hands to switch between times in the airport when you're jumping between countries.

For Women:

Citizen Circle Of Time Ladies' Watch

There is beauty in simplicity. The ladies'Circle of Time watch has just two or three shades of gold and bronze all over, relying solely on the varieties of just one tone to make an impression.


With all the dials numbers and mechanisms stripped away, the face of this piece is awash with clean lines and uniformity, with the links on the bracelet supporting the watch in a complementary style. It's simple enough to blend into all kinds of outfits, but still makes a statement with a warm, subtle shine.

Citizen Silhouette Ladies' Watch

The Silhouette Eco-Drive watch uses a striking colour combination to attract the eye. The use of blue - almost turquoise in shade - offsets the gold casing beautifully, while the white watch face provides a simple backdrop for the sleek watch hands.

A simple design, yet supported by some intricate, behind the scenes technology - such as its battery-less Eco-Drive movement - this piece is more advanced than its appearance would have you believe. It truly follows that Citizen hallmark of beauty meets technology.

Creating quality timepieces that are as flashy as they are technical,Citizen watches for men and the Citizen women's range add not just a touch of class to any outfit, but also a range of features that are as useful as they are beautiful. And with designs varying between the simple and feature-packed, you can pick the piece that best suits your personal tastes.


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