Under the spotlight: 8 sports watches to help you get fit this summer

First published: 24-07-2015

Under the spotlight: 8 sports watches to help you get fit this summer

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Now that we've been treated to some beautiful British sunshine, it's time to make the most of the lovely weather and get sporty! Summertime is the perfect opportunity to get fit, and what better workout space than the great outdoors?

Whatever exercise you're getting stuck into, chances are there is a sports watch that can help you hone your workout technique. From the humble chronograph to the most advanced and high-tech timepieces, there are so many features that can bring out the best in you this summer.

(Warning: willpower and motivation not included.)

Neat and nifty

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Though considerably cheaper than some of the other watches on this list, this Polar Unisex model is by no means less useful. In fact, it's got functionalities to cover almost all activities, from a brisk walk in the park to intense diving.

Connecting it to your computer via Bluetooth, this watch provides a thorough analysis of your progress, helping you on the road to your fitness goals. With all these features, you could almost forget that this is a timepiece but rest assured that it will still tell you the time when you need it!

Work hard, look great

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Working hard doesn't mean you have to compromise on style; this ladies' Adidas watch proves this perfectly. You can keep track of your times with the chronograph function and stay looking chic thanks to its slick design.

With a date and alarm function, it is just as useful outside the gym as it is inside, while the clear LCD display means you'll be able to read the time at just a glance, no matter how fast you're running.

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Out in the wild

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If exploring is on the agenda, you can't get much better than this men's Timex watch. Everything about it is ideal for getting out and about in the wild - even the design, with its earthy green highlights.

This watch features a compass, barometer, alarm and thermometer, so if you're planning a hike in the hills or a camping trip, it will give you all the vital stats.

Pounding the pavements

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Running is one of the most popular ways of getting fit, since you can do it whenever you like and it doesn't have to cost you a single penny! If this is how you're planning to get exercising, a watch built for runners - like this ladies' Garmin watch - will be perfect.

In tracking the distance you've covered, the time it's taken you, your pace and the calories you've burnt, all your essential data is recorded. The 'Run/Walk' function is also great for interval training, while you'll be congratulated at the end of every run, especially if you have achieved a new personal best.

Tailored to you

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Some sports watches can feel like a personal trainer on your wrist. This is certainly the case with this Unisex Epson watch. This model learns your exercise style, including things like your stride length and average pace, providing you with a really thorough analysis of your workout.

This watch is great if you've got a long-term goal in mind, since it stores all your vital data (connected up via Bluetooth to your phone, tablet or computer), helping you keep your ultimate target in mind every time you exercise.

 On the right track

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If a sporty style is a top priority, you can't go wrong with a watch by Scuderia Ferrari. Featuring the logo in the design of the dial, this men's watch oozes all the appeal of the Scuderia Ferrari brand and the chronograph function will keep track of all your times when you're working out.


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If you're after a watch that's great for any sporting activity, this ladies' Suunto model has pretty much everything you could need, including a compass, heart rate monitor, bike power support, route navigation and much more, to enhance your workout regime.

You can follow one of the set training programmes, or create your own and record all your progress via Bluetooth. This is the perfect watch for someone who likes to enjoy all kinds of fitness - variety is the spice of life, after all!

Flying high

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At the higher end of the price spectrum comes a watch built for the most intense piloting activity: the Casio Gravitymaster. Created in collaboration with the RAF, it has the most advanced technology to aid all pilots maintain total accuracy in any condition.

It is water-resistant up to 200 metres and can display the time in a range of time zones. It also has an instant Zulu Time function, enhancing communication around the world. This is the ultimate timepiece for anyone whose work or hobby takes them up into the clouds.

Summer is the optimum time for getting stuck into a new sport and these watches can help you perform at your best, no matter which exercise or activity you're enjoying. There are so many features available that can get you on the right track, so take a look through our range of men's and ladies' sports watches if you're after some more inspiration!


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