Under the spotlight: 10 gold watches for the man in your life

First published: 14-08-2015

Under the spotlight: 10 gold watches for the man in your life

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They say you can tell an awful lot about a man by the watch he wears and there is a certain sophistication and style that can only come from a gold watch.

From PVD gold plating to the genuine article, gold watches continue to be one of the most popular accessories for men.

With a watch to suit any style, there are plenty of options from which you can choose, whether you're looking for something he can wear to the office, the bar or a black-tie event.

Everyday style

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Sometimes, it is the simplest design that makes the biggest statement. This leather watch by Unknown has a clean and classic look that is perfect for everyday wear, whether he's in the office or having a chilled night in with friends.

The case is PDV gold-plated, measuring 40mm at its widest, so it is big enough to really stand out on his wrist, but the clean and simple design stops it from looking overwhelming.

From day to night

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If you want a watch that will essentially look after itself, one with an Eco-Drive movement will be perfect. Powered by energy from light, these can store energy for several months at a time.

This Citizen Eco-Drive model features a two-tone gold-plated bracelet, so even though the design looks fairly simple at first glance, the two colours will give it a dynamic shimmer in the light. This, combined with a playful design in the face, makes it a very interesting watch l which will look every bit as vibrant when worn with a suit or with a t-shirt and jeans.

Be bold with gold

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Measuring a whopping 53mm wide, this black and gold model from Adidas is a very bold watch for a man who wants to make a statement with his wrist-wear.

The black dial is chunky and attention-grabbing, with design features that make it look dynamic and elegant. The simple gold bracelet allows the dial to take centre stage, with hints of gold in the numbers and logo to tie the whole design together really nicely.

Dapper gentleman

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Pocket watches were first created in the 17th century and, right until World War One, led the timekeeping revolution; they were the timepiece of choice for all the fashionable gentlemen. Nowadays, they are typically reserved for formal wear, usually seen as part of a black-tie ensemble.

An accessory reserved for a special occasion needs to be special itself, so what could be better than gold for a pocket watch? With elegant Roman Numerals and slender, pointed hands, this pocket watch by Royal London is an excellent choice for a man who likes all things gold, taking his black-tie outfit to the next level.

Seafaring sophistication

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Some watches are really stylish even with just a small hint of gold, as demonstrated by this fabric-strapped model by Lars Larsen. The strap has a watery design of blue and white stripes, while the small and minimal features on the dial give this average-sized watch a large appearance.

The gold is limited to the case, hands, batons and buckle, which really stand out against the blue and white of the strap. It is a very pale and delicate gold, while the watch is water-resistant at depths of up to 50 metres, giving it the overall feel of a yachting accessory.

British eccentricity

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Whatever style of watch you're after, Vivienne Westwood's designs have something to suit every taste. With an elegant gold-plated case, this watch has a really striking colour scheme of black, blue and gold, along with an optical illusion design in the centre of the dial, giving the whole timepiece a really eccentric aesthetic.

The tortoiseshell strap is genuine leather, while the dark blue and black shades allow the gold to pop out, making this a great timepiece to transition from day to night.

For a mechanical mind

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A skeleton watch is a stylish way of showing off the complexities and intricacies of a timepiece, giving you a glimpse into its inner workings.

This skeleton model by Rotary is a great example, since the gold of the dial is very close in colour to the case, allowing the central skeleton section to become the main focus of the design.

Mr Minimalist

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As far as clean and simple designs go, you can't get much better than this ultra-minimal watch by Movado. This model lets the gold speak for itself, with no number batons or fancy designs to clutter up the dial.

The all-over gold design packs a real punch thanks to this minimalism; this striking accessory will work perfectly at a wedding or black-tie event. It is also a must-have timepiece for work, showing everyone in the office that this is a man who means serious business.

Cool, calm, and collected

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Ranking up at the higher end of the price spectrum, this classy Raymond Weil watch oozes totally effortless sophistication.

The all-over gold colouring gives it that much sought-after decadent glimmer, but the dial is really clean and simple. Sometimes, style doesn't shout - it whispers - and this is certainly the case here.

When gold meets silver

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For the man who prefers the more indulgent things in life, what better than a sleek and elegant two-tone Maurice Lacroix watch? Combining a hint of 18 carat gold with a silver stainless steel bracelet, this watch is a real powerhouse accessory.

At just 38mm wide it's considered relatively petite for a man's timepiece, showing that watches of any size can make a big impact. If you want to celebrate a special occasion, or simply to show him how important he is to you, then this watch might be what you're looking for.

Gold watches come in so many styles that there should be one to match every man's preferences. Whether leather or metal, grand or petite, there is a huge range of gold timepieces available to suit any wrist and any occasion.


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