Under the Spotlight: Guess watches

First published: 02-03-2017

Under the Spotlight: Guess watches


Established in the 1980s, Guess is an iconic American fashion brand, best known for encouraging the idea that denim jeans should more than simple outdoor casual clothing.

Several memorable ad campaigns and 'Guess girls' later (Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell et al), and Guess has become something of a household name. The designer's output now includes accessories and jewellery, with Guess watches being some of the brand's most popular products today.

Join us as we look at our favourite Guess watches for men and women, like the stunning gold, grey and black Delancy model above. Discover the best of the Guess watches range, from every day timekeepers to statement pieces perfect for special occasions.

Beautiful Guess watches for women

Guess offers women's watches in a variety of styles. Using their bold, eye-catching gold detailing, fun prints or muted styling, there's enough depth in the ladies' Guess watch range to find a model that suits a shopping trip and another that's perfect for a glamourous event.


The Guess Ladies' Harper watch is a playful daily watch, with a genuine leather strap for ultimate comfort. The gemstone detailing adds a touch of dazzle to the feminine design, while adding subtle styling to your outfit, thanks to its delicate size.


At the other end of the spectrum, and highlighting the Guess's ability to create accessories for all styles, is the Guess Ladies' Intrepid 2 watch. Using the brand's virtually trademark colouring of deep blue and gold, this elegant timepiece looks simultaneously professional and fashionable.


Not satisfied with leading the fashion market, Guess has taken the leap in creating a collection of smart watches: the Connect range. These on-trend timepieces are some of the most attractive smart watches on the market, and can connect with your smartphone to provide notifications directly to your wrist; all while being a beautiful watch suited to any occasion.

Great men's Guess watches

Although it's closely associated with female style, the brand was originally inspired by unisex fashion, so it's no surprise Guess has created a selection of men's watches and accessories that are just as beautiful as the brand's women's collections.


Stylised similarly to the Ladies' Intrepid 2 timepiece above, the Men's Horizon watch features predominantly deep blue colouring, accented with bright gold features to create a finish that's uniquely Guess.

Using large Roman numerals coupled with classic chronograph features make this a watch that looks masculine, while maintaining an edge of luxury; just what a designer men's watch should be.


Proving that bright colouring isn't just for the ladies, the Guess Men's Turbo watch is a sporty piece that instantly catches the eye. With a busy but low-colour face in white with blue and silver accents, it's the bold strap that makes a statement here. Ideal for sports lovers and urban fashion fans, alike.


Guess men's watches aren't just about making a statement. In fact, luxury and accurate timekeeping are just as essential, which is epitomised in this subtly beautiful Men's Wafer watch.

The cream face with brown accents and the soft leather strap mean this watch doesn't scream fashion, but pays respect to classic men's watches. The Wafer watch is a stunning timepiece set to suit any man who loves traditional design.

Explore the full collection of Guess watches for women and for men, or browse our other spotlight posts, including rose gold watches and Citizen watches.


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