Under the Spotlight: 10 stand-out watches from Guess

First published: 15-09-2015

Under the Spotlight: 10 stand-out watches from Guess

If you're looking for a watch that will really wow passers-by, look no further than Guess. Having started life in 1981 as a clothing brand, Guess has become one of the most well-known fashion brands on both sides of the pond.

Guess have been pioneering the latest trends in wrist-wear since the mid-80s and they are just as dazzling today as they have ever been. Whether you want a wild pattern, a bold colour scheme or even something with a bit of both, we've got a few suggestions for watches that will fit the bill.

In a while, crocodile

Guess Croco Glam Ladies Watch

Both animal print and gold have long been considered staples of any glamorous look, but add them together and you get something even better.

Not only does this swanky little number have that coveted golden shimmer and chic crocodile pattern; it also has jewels embedded in and around the face, making it a really eye-catching piece for many style-conscious ladies.

Feeling blue?

Guess Rigor Mens Watch

Pair a powder blue dial with a deep brown case and the result is something really attractive. This gents' watch is rich in colour and clever too - it's water resistant for up to 100 metres and can tell you the date with its extra sub-dials.

With such a striking colour scheme, this is one watch you'll be able to spot from miles away.

They never change their spots...

Guess Vixen Ladies Watch

If you love a bit of leopard print, a watch that's just covered in it could be the one for you. This bold ladies' watch has a multi-tonal leopard pattern from the fastening to the face, with a few splashes of tiger print thrown in for good measure.

At 38mm, it's fairly sizeable for a ladies' watch, which contributes to its eye-catching and dramatic appeal.

Robotic glam

Guess Radar Alarm Chronograph Mens Watch

If you want to know what the future looks like, just take a glance at this men's watch. From its clean, angular design to the screws fastened around the case, it has a robotic look and feel about it, helped by the sleek black and gold colouring.

The digital display will show you the time and date, while it also comes with alarm and chronograph functions.

Whose watch is it anyway?

Guess Logo Crazed Ladies Watch

With this watch, you won't need to ask twice. This blue and gold ladies' watch is Guess from head to toe, with the logo printed all over. The colouring is rich and decadent, whilst the diamond pattern makes the design really unusual and interesting.

It's another oversized ladies' watch, measuring at a whopping 40mm wide, so there'll be no missing this when you're rocking it on your wrist!

Top Gun

Guess Maverick Mens Watch

This is the Maverick watch, and it really does take our breath away. The multi-dial design pays homage to the old aviator style of watches, with a modern twist by way of the bold colouring.

The rose gold case really complements the overall navy colouring of this men's watch, while the unstitched strap gives it a clean and minimal look, which lets the dial stand out even more.

Be daring with diamonds

Guess Dazzler Ladies Watch

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and for any girl that likes to make an impact, so is this watch. The jewel-encrusted case and dial, combined with the shimmery rose gold of the strap, will catch the light beautifully, making this a watch to be noticed.

Between the jewels and the three sub-dials, this is the dictionary definition of 'eye-catching'.

Off the cuff

Guess Mens Rover Chronograph Cuff Watch

When you're looking for stand-out wrist-wear, you might well be in the market for something bold and dramatic. We reckon this men's cuff watch will fit the bill, with the ridged design on the case and the leather cuff to wrap around the wrist, making it a layered and complex piece.

It's a whopping 48mm wide, so it will sit very firmly on your wrist. It's also got a chronograph function and is water-resistant up to 100 metres, so it can work as a stylish sports watch as well as the perfect accessory to augment a smart-casual look.

The watch that can be seen from space

Guess Wonderland Ladies Watch

We've all heard the phrase "he's got the whole world in his hands", but what about on your wrist? This glitzy leather-strapped ladies' model has so many funky design features that it's hard to know where to start, but the world map on the dial certainly stands out.

The map is filled in with both tiger and leopard prints in a black, white and grey colour scheme that compliments the blue of the strap perfectly. The jewels embedded into the case give it that extra bit of sparkle, making this a very special watch indeed.

Go commando

Guess Commando Mens Watch

From the textured dial and patterned strap to the overlapping sub-dials, this men's watch certainly knows how to make a statement.

The watch itself is a sizeable little number, measuring at 48mm wide, so will look powerful sitting on your wrist. The khaki camouflage strap adds an extra level of complexity to the design, offset perfectly by the black ion-plated steel of the case.

However you want to stand out, you can be sure that a Guess watch will help you do it. From the big and bold to the pretty and patterned, there is a watch to suit any style and get your wrist the attention it deserves.


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