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First published: 19-06-2015

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Now that the warmer weather is on its way (hooray!), we can all start thinking about styling up for the summer. This means bolder colours and patterns, not to mention fabrics that will keep us cool.

When it comes to your watch, you might want something that's a bit more lightweight, making it really comfortable for wearing in the heat. You might opt for something with a fabric or more delicate strap to give your wrists a chance to breathe a bit more, or alternatively you might choose something with a lot of bright, vivid colours and patterns. Either way, there are plenty of very stylish options from which you can choose.

To celebrate the arrival of summer, we decided to take a look at the various watches you can enjoy wearing in the warmer temperatures. From the bright and colourful to the light and classic, we've picked out eight of our favourite summery timepieces that are sure to keep you in style this season.

Golden summers

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One of the joys of summer is the glorious sunshine that we all get to enjoy (well, at least some of the time - this is the UK, after all!). So, to make the most of the sunny spells, this gold-plated Calvin Klein men's watch will reflect the summer light really nicely.

As well as the gold-coloured casing and strap, the silvery dial will also complement the bright weather, meaning this watch will glisten in the sunshine. Measuring at 42mm wide, it's relatively lightweight compared to a lot of men's watches, so it won't feel too cumbersome to wear if the temperatures start to soar.

Sparkling seas

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When we think of summer, we often then think of holidays too! This is the time when most of us jet off to some exotic location to soak up a more tropical kind of heat and take in some of the gorgeous surroundings of the coast.

With that in mind, a perfect summertime watch would be one that reflects the gorgeous turquoise waters of holiday destinations like the Caribbean, the Canary Islands, or anywhere along the Mediterranean coast.

This unisex Swatch watch does just that, with a rich turquoise colouring that will make you feel like you're relaxing by the beach looking out onto the sea. The bright yellow batons will also evoke that tropical vibe, making it ideal as an accessory in your summer wardrobe, from t-shirts in vivid shades to patterned swimwear.

Tropical sunset

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Of course, with holidays in the sun come spectacular sunsets; what could be better to bring this vibe to your summer style than a glitzy and colourful watch like this ladies' model from Juicy Couture?

The colour shift over the face and around the strap is reminiscent of a vivid summertime sunset, with yellow, pink and purple hues creating a really dramatic design. The sparkly nature of this watch makes it ideal for summer nights out on the town - the ideal addition to your summertime look.

The wild outdoors

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If you're heading out and about in the wild outdoors this summer, you want something that can accommodate for all your adventures. A sports watch with a whole host of functions will be ideal, and this unisex watch by Polar might just fit the bill.

It has an inbuilt barometer, altitude recorder, and GPS tracker, which makes it perfect if you're planning to enjoy some camping or orienteering in the warm weather. It also has a chronograph function, as well as an alarm and a heart rate monitor, so you can use this for almost every activity you want to enjoy over the next few months.

Light and breezy

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For those of you who associate summer with lightweight linens, strolls on the beach and flowing skirts , we think we've found the perfect watch.

This light and clean Olivia Burton ladies' watch has an almost nude colouring that gives it a barely-there kind of look, so you can wear this with absolutely anything, whether you're wearing a plain Grecian-style outfit or some light linen trousers.

Ahoy, Captain

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A really popular summertime trend is all things nautical and this men's Daniel Wellington watch sums this up perfectly. With its tricolour strap, it is a really classy timepiece that evokes the feeling of being aboard a ship, sailing off into the sunset.

It is also called the 'Cambridge Rose' design, which really adds to its appeal as a boating watch - you would look very much at home going for a punt along the river with this on your wrist!

The added benefit of this watch is the fabric strap - this will feel really light and easy to wear, so you can feel comfortable no matter how high the temperature gets out there.

Delicate and daring

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Of course, if the temperature soars really high, you could be tempted to do away with traditional straps altogether. If this is the case, you can look out for watches with slightly more unusual designs, such as this ladies' Vivienne Westwood model.

The rich gold and red colouring keeps it firmly rooted in the heat of summer, while the slim straps will make it feel like a light bracelet, rather than a watch. It is a very petite, measuring just 22mm wide, so it is ideal as an accessory for a summer wedding - it will look classy and elegant, but with a splash of colour to help it make a statement.

It is available in four colours, so if you want something a little bit more subtle but love this design, you can choose from the other shades to find the perfect accessory for you.

Lightweight locket

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Of course, if it's a really unique watch that you're after, you can't get much better than this ladies' Emporio Armani pendant watch. This is another timepiece that will be ideal at a summer wedding, with the gold-plated casing and mother of pearl dial keeping the design really elegant.

The pendant is a half circle, but can be transformed into a full circle if you twist the dial inwards, making this a very versatile piece. In the peak of the summer heat, this is an ideal solution as it is super-lightweight; you'll barely feel it when benefitting from its sophisticated style.

In the summertime when the weather is fine, you want a watch that will feel totally comfortable, no matter how warm you get. Staying stylish in the heat needn't be tricky, so bear in mind our hints and tips to find something perfect for your summer look.


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