Ulysse Nardin adds to its Caprice range

First published: 25-05-2011

A glamorous new watch range from Ulysse Nardin has been detailed, which fits into the brand's Caprice collection.

Entitled the Caprice Queen of Hearts, it is the dial of these timepieces which should instantly catch the eye.

That is because each of the devices is designed with a face presenting six delicate hearts, which bunch together in a ring.

Of significance is the heart that sits in the 11 o'clock location, which is peppered with diamonds, while the signature of Ulysse Nardin can easily be spotted at within the heart at five o'clock.

Diamonds are also found between each of these hearts – further enhancing the attractiveness of the dial, as well as many more gems embellishing its case.

Those interested in fashion watches from Ulysse Nardin, a company that was founded back in 1846, may also find the Caprice Haute Joaillerie appealing, due to its dial featuring a bed of diamonds.


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