Trend alert: Bronze watches and accessories

First published: 25-09-2017

Michael Kors Ladies' Chronograph Watch

One of the newest metals to find popularity in watch and accessory fashion is actually one of the oldest. Recent years have seen an upsurge in popularity for bronze, a metal so old it has an entire ancient era named after it.

In a time of increasingly off-beat and unique metals used in horology, bronze has made an astonishing comeback. Watches are being created with stylish bronze patination, a style much beloved by those who like to stand out from the crowd and help set the trends, rather than follow.

In fact, bronze has been a staple of home interior styling for some time. And the metal can be seen in jewellery, dresses, and accessories, from glimmering bronzed scarves to bronze pocket watches. Fashion-conscious, trend-setting celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Bosworth, and Alexa Chung have all been spotted working the bronze look.

Bronze watches

Bronze had been avoided by many watchmakers for centuries due to its properties that, on paper at least, do not make for an ideal accessory material. Bronze as a substance (not a colour tone) tarnishes easily and is susceptible to scratches and marks; the colouring is unstable; the metal is heavy in comparison to others such as stainless steel or silver.

But coating another metal to match the visual appeal of bronze, like modern watch manufacturers do, is another case entirely. That makes it possible to wear the alluring shade without any of the drawbacks. It also means bronze watches can come in a range of affordable forms, giving you the chance to make your mark and stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Accurist Men's Chronograph Watch

On trend: Men's Accurist Chronograph

This traditional yet stylish men's watch has a handsome textured black leather strap, gold-plated casing and bronze dial. Featuring chronograph quartz movement and date function and complete with official Accurist two-year guarantee.

The maritime connection

Some of the new breed of timekeeping accessories are bronze dive watches, emphasising the maritime identity of the metal; for centuries, bronze was used to craft seafaring equipment and ship fittings. Indeed, one of bronze's most appealing qualities is its resistance to corrosion caused by seawater.

While none of those physical characteristics carry through to the bronze-toned watches, bracelets and jewellery en vogue today the association continues and can make a bronze watch a perfect complement to a nautical-styled outfit.

Lars Larsen Men's Sea Navigator Watch

On trend: Men's Lars Larsen Sea Navigator

Men's designer analogue watch with elegant two-tone metallic bracelet, stainless steel case and bronze dial. The contemporary analogue watch face also features a date function.

The new Bronze Age

The roots of the 'New Bronze Age' could be said to be found in the '80s. Famous watchmaker Gérald Genta was approached by three big-game hunters with an unusual proposition: to design a watch that, while attractive, had no reflective qualities or brilliance that might catch the light and distract the prey.

Genta struck upon bronze as the ideal case material to create the Gefica Safari. The commercial version of the Gefica Safari was released in 1988, complete with alarm, moon phase and second time zone features.

Michael Kors Ladies' Chronograph Watch

On trend: Michael Kors Ladies' Chronograph

This Michael Kors ladies' watch has an understated glamour that is subtle yet sophisticated. The bronze dial with chronograph quartz movement is fitted in a stainless-steel casing in matte brown, complemented by a brown leather strap with contrasting stitching detail.


One of the best things about wearing bronze tone is how versatile it is. As a relatively neutral metallic, bronze complements almost any skin tone and any outfit choice. It goes particularly well with warmer, earthier tones, but conversely can act as a striking counterfoil to sharper colouring as well.

Bronze accessories can be dressed up or down, offering opportunities to segue gracefully from day to evening in style. Bronze is often used as a base with other metallic plating for a different look, as is the case with much of the Bronzallure jewellery range.

 Bronzallure Ladies' 18ct Gold Plated Bronze Earrings

On trend: Bronzallure gold-plated bronze earrings

These dazzling gold-plated bronze earrings from Bronzallure are real show-stoppers, with sparkling cubic zirconia square drop pendants for a glamorous and elegant finish.

From living room and kitchen styling to watches and jewellery, bronze as a trend has well and truly entrenched itself. As you can see, it's a metal worth investing in.


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