Top designers partner with Casio watches

First published: 14-04-2010

One of London''s iconic department stores is central to the newest chic offerings from Casio watches: a limited edition range of Baby G timepieces.

As part of a major promotion, Sugarscape revealed that Selfridges on Oxford Street is launching the PRINT exhibition, which will act as a "stylish hub" designed by some top names in the fashion world, including a white one from Peter Jensen, who has used his signature rabbit motif on the strap.

Additionally, Natascha Stolle has given the old-school timepiece design a retro overhaul by making the entire face black, though using a collection of googly eyes on the strap to create a somewhat garish look.

Young designer Sophie Hulme was also on board, as was Complex Geometries, with each watch retailing for £150 - perhaps out of the price range of people wanting a basic Baby G timepiece, though maybe quite cheap for art lovers.

Baby G watches recently adorned the wrist of Rihanna in the video for her latest single Rude Boy.


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