Tokyo Flash watches inspire Yanko Design idea

First published: 09-03-2010

Tokyo Flash watches have struck again in the form of a concept timepiece, though this time it's not from the high-technology experts - Yanko Design is claiming this one.

The Maze of Time works with four separate inset rectangles that work alongside - and over - one another to deliver the time in individual digits.

Working from the outside to the inside, a yellow, blue, red and green rectangle cross over one another, with the first two giving the hour and the inner pair delivering the minutes.

Yanko Design said: "The Maze of Time watch uses colours in a kaleidoscopic way to represent the time."

It added that the watch is "kinda Tokyo Flash-esque and time to get your grey cells working".

The concept was fashioned by watch lover Andy Kurovets, who has created a number of other offerings for Yanko including the Liquid Time and Lock Your Time, both embracing very strange approaches to reading a portable clock.

He has also been known to produce a number of other risque designs as well, including a very edgy computer mouse.


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