Tokyo Flash watches are 'Rolexes for geeks'

First published: 10-08-2009

Tokyo Flash watches are a great investment for people looking for a more costly expenditure on a timepiece, particularly in the modern world, according to one technology blogger.

Walyou, a major proponent of the newest technology available on the market, highlighted how the Independent series from Tokyo Flash watches were a particularly great thing for more geeky people to buy, given the distinct designs which the company creates.

It explained: "As we all know, Rolex watches are not cheap, and their social status is also something you pay for but not many can afford them."

As a result, a Tokyo Flash watch has been classed as a "great alternative" that will in no way cut down on the cool design, fashionable style and elegance which watch buyers crave in the current market.

Last month, Walyou branded Tokyo Flash's Retsu offering as the "coolest watch on the planet", stating that its super-simple design is a real eye-opener.


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