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Designer celebrates anniversary with limited edition watches

Posted: 08-09-2011

A designer has announced that he is releasing a selection of limited edition timepieces to celebrate reaching his brand's tenth anniversary.

Will the new Abyss timepiece rival Tokyo Flash watches in complexity

Posted: 02-08-2010

A new watch concept to emerge out of Asia has been described as "insane" in one blog.

Calvin Klein watches are 'timeless'

Posted: 30-07-2010

Calvin Klein watches offer fashionistas a timeless option for their outfits.

Kisai Broke launched by Tokyo Flash watches

Posted: 28-04-2010

Tokyo Flash watches are expanding in number of models, with the company releasing the Kisai Broke this week.

Supersonic concept released by Tokyo Flash watches

Posted: 27-04-2010

Tokyo Flash watches are growing in number - at least with concept watches. The newest addition, the Supersonic, was released recently.

Concept watches ''grab attention of watch enthusiasts''

Posted: 07-04-2010

There are hundreds of watch concepts produced each year, though several have caught the eye of one timepiece lover.

Tokyo Flash watches inspire Yanko Design idea

Posted: 09-03-2010

A crazy timepiece design based on loops of colour has been premiered on the Yanko Design website, taking cues from Tokyo Flash watches.

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