Tokyo Flash watch brings a time web to the wrist

First published: 22-04-2010

The latest Tokyo Flash watch to hit the market features a spider''s web-like clock face with multi-coloured honeycomb lights to indicate the time.

True to form, the Hex Web timepiece offers an intriguingly complex means of establishing the actual time, using a series of strategically positioned LED lights.

As is common to many Tokyo Flash watches, it is usually only wearers of a specific watch that can tell the time using the device''s own specific system.

On the Hex Web the lights are arranged in a fashion that is not dissimilar to a traditional clockface, with web-like red light lines corresponding with the 12 hours of an analogue watch.

Where it begins to get tricky is with the minutes, which are determined by arbitrarily located dots, with blue lights corresponding to five minute points and larger yellow lights indicating one, two three or four minutes.

Earlier this month, the Time Tracking Tokyo Flash watch was unveiled, which features a futuristic steel strap and face, with LED grooves used as yet another unique and exciting way of deciphering the time.


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