Tokyo Flash and Casio watches join forces

First published: 29-09-2009

Tokyo Flash watches, one of the long-standing bastions of weird and wonderful wristwear, may be challenged by a new competing range from an all-too-familiar source.

Slashgear detailed the new editions of Casio watches released in conjunction with Riki Watanabe and none other than Tokyo Flash themselves, which aim to please again with a less-standard approach to timekeeping.

The website explained: "The Casio range includes a re-release of their 80s Databank watches, only now in some eye-watering colours - together with the endearingly-chunky Casio Cubic Puzzle 3171."

Using bright blues, reds, pinks, oranges and greens, the range has a certain retro look about it, though will undoubtedly be a lot easier to read than some of the wild offerings from Tokyo Flash.

Earlier this month, the Tibida LED offering from Tokyo Flash gained praise from Walyou, which explained that its stylings were, much like other offerings by the company, "promisingly futuristic and cool".


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