Titanium watches 'started with Citizen'

First published: 04-11-2009

Citizen watches are widely regarded to be the most popular among fans of timepieces across the world, though the brand may be more famous than many people think.

This is due to the brand pioneering the use of a certain metal element in the production of its offerings, according to Edan Taub, the manager of Total Watch Repair in Los Angeles.

He said: "You will be surprised to know that Citizen is also the first watch company in the world to sell watches made up of titanium.

"The revolutionary titanium watches led to the trend of light and durable watches worldwide."

However, Citizen watch innovations do not stop there, as Mr Taub outlined how the company recently launched its Eco-Drive technology that has "rocked the entire watch industry".

It allows the watch to work without batteries, he continued, with the timepiece getting power from sunlight and artificial lights through the use of crystals, in turn ridding users of environmentally-harmful watch batteries.

Citizen started operating under its current name in 1930, establishing its base in Tokyo, Japan.


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