Titanium timepieces ideal for sensitive skin

First published: 24-08-2011

One brand of watches has said its titanium collection is ideal for people with sensitive skin because it won't irritate them.

Anyone looking to buy a ladies' Boccia watch should opt for a piece from its titanium line because they are 100 per cent authentic.

In fact, all Boccia products are hypoallergenic, meaning they are specifically designed not to upset sensitive skin.

Discussing options for young people, a spokesperson for the company's US distributor said: "If your special student has a hard time wearing earrings or any other jewellery because it irritates their skin, they can wear Boccia."

Among the ladies range is a slim silver piece that looks both delicate and luxurious. It would sit well on the wrist of any woman out for an elegant evening meal.

For something more suitable for daywear, the brown strapped take on the timepiece might be more appropriate. Its large dial is great for readability while its understated look is both subtle and grandiose.

Now there's no reason for your skin to argue.  


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