Timex watch appears in Lost

First published: 02-09-2010

Fans of the hit US programme Lost may have noticed a Timex watch during one of the episodes.

A Timex Easy Reader was worn by character Benjamin Linus in episode 20 of season three of the show, with a close up shot of the timepiece giving watch fans intimate details about it, Watch Id has reported.

The design is basic enough for those who would like a watch to be simple and accessible, offering a white dial surrounded by a metal case and a stainless steel band-like strap.

Other details given about the timepiece includes an indigo illumination, though it should be kept away from water, with a maximum resistance of only 30 mm.

Benjamin was a part of the Lost legacy from the second season and was played by Michael Emerson, who has appeared in plenty of large and small screen roles, from a co-star role with Antonio Banderas in The Legend of Zorro to another US hit programme, The Practice.


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