Timex announces Military Classic

First published: 02-09-2010

Watch fans who like to have a timepiece with a hint of an aviation design may be interested in a new product by Timex.

Called Military Classic, the watch closely resembles equipment used during the Second World War, plus packs a rugged and timeless blend that makes the timepiece look and feel like that era.

The features available with this Timex model, which is one of many timepieces that has being manufactured by the watch maker since 1854, is appealing, too, starting with a nice merging of black and grey shades on the watch face making reading the time easy and effortless.

A 24-hour time method is also used to further enhance the simplicity of reading the time, with the first twelve hours making up an inner circle, the next dozen on the next circle working outwards, then a five minute indicator around the border of the watch face. Misreading the time here will be very difficult.

This very detailed face is covered by a stainless steel case and finished with a cordura nylon strap. It also has a water resistance of up to 100 metres, meaning it is as appealing underwater as it is in the air.


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