Timberland expects to survive recession

First published: 01-05-2009

Consumers are being more selective with their purchases in 2009, such as Timberland watches, according to the brand's president and chief executive officer Jeffrey Swartz.

The apparel and watch brand anticipates a challenging 2009, with uncertainty around consumer spending patterns - such as Timberland watch purchasing habits - a contributing factor.

Timberland's revenue declined by 12.9 per cent in the first quarter of 2009, spurred on in particular by falls in casual footwear sales.

However, despite the declines, Mr Swartz remains optimistic about the brand's prospects, suggesting that consumer selectiveness will work in Timberland's favour.

He said consumers are "turning increasingly to trusted authentic brands like Timberland".

Mr Swartz added that the company's "strong foundation ... allows us to continue to stay committed to our brand-invigorating strategies and positions us well for growth when the economy recovers".

Timberland recently launched an in-store shoe donation program to provide free footwear to those in need, in partnership with Soles4Souls.


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