Think about your lifestyle when purchasing a watch

First published: 17-05-2010

Watches need to be purchased so they suit the lifestyle of the wearer, it has been suggested.

Jenny Stewart revealed in an article for that sports addicts will need a totally different specification to those who simply want to look stylish.

She indicated that some people will purchase a new watch based on what they can do rather than how they look, while others will opt for a different approach.

Picking a watch simply for the metal it is made from or what the casing looks like can often be a mistake, the blogger revealed, so buyers need to have a well-rounded view of that they are going to purchase.

It was recently revealed that an unique Patek Philippe watch had been snapped up at an auction in Switzerland for £3.76 million.

This is said by Christie''s to have been a record for a yellow gold watch sold at auction.


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