Thin-film battery 'watches' evolution

First published: 11-05-2009

The market for thin-film batteries is set to grow over the coming year as development spreads to watches and other devices, a new report predicts.

NanoMarkets Thin Film Batteries: Current and Future Markets 2009-16 report estimates demand will grow as the power sources are increasingly integrated into technology products.

The report estimates that around four million of the thin-film batteries will have been shipped in 2009, with the technology increasingly used for watches, sensors and medical devices.

By 2016, the market for thin-film batteries is expected to grow to almost $1.1 billion (£727 million), while the value of products shipping with the technology will reach $3.2 billion (£2.1 billion).

One of the most innovative new watches to appear in the public domain of late has been the Vain Wrist Watch, created by Chinese designer Tao Ma, which projects the time on to the wearer's skin.


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