These are the sunglasses you need for summer

First published: 19-07-2017

Summer is on the horizon, and that means the sun is, too! Whether you're getting festival-ready or just weather-ready, it's time to find the perfect shades to see you through SS2017.

We've found the top trends taking over runways and Instagram feeds this year. Get ready to find a pair you love so much you'll want to wear them all year long.

It's all about geometry

We're going back to maths class with this trend, which is all about tracing shapes. Geometric design has always been a big part of contemporary art, and sunglasses are a fun way to feature this modern style.

Versace Ladies VE2176 sunglasses

Super-round oversized shades like Versace's ladies VE2176 style (above) are a groovy throwback to the 1970s. The same style in black updates the look, with a slightly edgy effect to make a dramatic style statement.

Dragon's Fame 2 sunglasses

For those who prefer square shaped shades, Dragon's Fame 2 sunglasses (above) feature purple lenses, which have a sporty, urban style, ideal for turning heads at a beach party or while exploring the city streets.

Industry is trendy

Industrial-style sunglasses feature extra bits of wire above the frames, which create an antique effect.

Vogues VO4044s sunglasses

Vogue's VO4044S sunglasses (above) are simple yet eye-catching, with three metal bars connecting the 1970s-style lenses. This subtle addition gives them a unique edge, making them the perfect companion for jeans, a t-shirt, and a day out bar hopping in town.

ray ban round double bridge sunglasses

If you want to make a more of a style statement, Ray Ban's round double bridge shades (above) create an impact. The strong, rounded, matt black lenses take a little inspiration from the steampunk style, and can give your outfit an edgy twist.

Embrace the 1980s with aviators

We might have left behind the shoulder-pads and legwarmers, but aviators are a trend that have stayed popular for decades. Originally designed for pilots in the 1950s, the design became ultra-fashionable in the 1980s (think Top Gun), with this year's aviator trend paying tribute to the period that made them a cultural icon.

ray ban blaze shooter sunglasses

Find a pair that embodies the fashion trends of the decade by choosing aviators with thick frames and bold shapes. Ray Ban's Blaze Shooter sunglasses (above) are unapologetically '80s, with tortoiseshell detailing across the top for a dash of flair.

mens ray ban cats 5000 classic sunglasses

If you're looking for something a little more casual, the solid black frame and tinted lenses of Ray Ban's Cats 5000 Classic shades (above) make them an understated and irresistibly vintage option that are perfect for many occasions.

Exaggerated girly and glamorous shapes

If you've always wanted to feel like you've just stepped off a movie set, this sunglasses trend is your perfect opportunity. Summer 2017 is all about embracing femininity and a bit of drama with exaggerated, fun frames. Look out for oversized butterfly and cat-eye shapes, which are ideal for making a high street statement.

ladies versace ve4305q sunglasses

Nothing quite screams 'Hollywood' more than Versace's glamorous VE435Q sunglasses (above) - they're perfect for lounging on the beach or strutting down the strip, but even the supermarket carpark will feel like a red carpet when you've got these on.

ladies vogue vo4048s sunglasses

For those who want to channel a subtler look, Vogue's VO4048S sunglasses (above) feature round lenses that are framed by a metallic wired cat-eye, for a delicate, vintage effect.

See this summer in colour with tinted lenses

Pastels and electric colours alike have dominated the runways lately, and this year's trendy shades are no exception. From wayfarers to oval sunglasses, lenses and frames are getting the rainbow treatment, for a multi-coloured tinted view wherever you look.

ray ban flash rb4279 sunglasses

The candy-floss pink frames of Ray Ban's Flash RB4279 sunglasses (above) have a nostalgic summertime vibe, brought right up-to-date with funky, round lenses that are tinted blue and yellow. Pair them with a casual shorts-and-top combo, or go all out and incorporate them into a colourful ensemble to really embrace the rainbow.

calvin klein ck3173s sunglasses

Blue sunglasses are especially popular this year, and Calvin Klein's CK3173S wayfarer-style shades (above) embody everything that's cool about the trend. The colour is eye-catching and surprisingly versatile, ready to take on everything from the beach to the beer garden.

With so many fun trends making waves this summer, it's easy to find a pair of sunglasses that suit your sense of style. Browse the full range of men's and women's sunglasses to find the perfect pair for you.

For more advice, check out our guide on how to choose sunglasses that suit the shape of your face.


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