ThePuristS celebrates 10th anniversary with special watch

First published: 24-05-2011

ThePuristS has marked the tenth anniversary of its establishment by calling in independent watch designer Peter Speake-Marin to design a limited-edition watch.

As a result of the collaboration, the Vegas Ten timepiece has now been unveiled, coming with a wealth of eye-catching elements.

One instantly attractive design feature of the watch is the dial, which has been designed in a way to allow the jump-hour mechanism to be viewed by the wearer.

The face of this special device also includes hour markers that are styled using lummed stars and parts of the dial and case being finished in rose-gold accents.

As well as reading the time, the fashion watch also has a date feature to enhance its practical functions.

The brains behind the design, Peter Speake-Marin, first began his foray into the art of watchmaking at London's Hackney Technical College, before the Englishman enhanced his education at prestigious Swiss school WOSTEP.


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