The watch that's fit for a president

First published: 03-08-2011

He's had his work cut out for him over the past week trying to keep the United States from defaulting on its debts, but luckily for President Obama, he has the perfect watch to keep him on time for important consultations.

Owner of the Jorg Gray timepiece, the president has been seen on numerous occasions sporting the item, which according to, carries a United States Secret Service seal printed on the dial.

The website lists a number of events where Mr Obama has been seen wearing the watch.

Upon winning the election in November 2008, he wore the watch to his Victory Speech.

And proving its durability, the watch was also spotted around his wrist in January 2009, when signing the proclamation as President of the US.

But what's the watch actually like?

It's sleek and elegant, fit for the wrist of president, with a hint of sportiness suggesting its strength in tough climatic conditions (including the economy).

The case is solid steel and it comes with a black Italian buffalo leather strap.

It's also water-resistant to 100 metres and features a scratch-resistant mineral crystal display.

All you need next is a presidential nomination.  


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