The force is strong with these Star Wars gifts

First published: 18-12-2015


Now that the wait is over for The Force Awakens, Star Wars is back at the forefront of everyone's minds, from cultured fans, to the Jedi apprentices who are just getting to know the famous franchise for the very first time.

Tickets booked and expectations set sky high, long-time fans and newcomers alike - otherwise known as Masters and Padawans - are all ready to fully embrace the Force.

As two sequels to The Force Awakens are also promised, it's safe to say that the craze is going to be around for years to come. Therefore, getting a Star Wars-related gift for a fan on a special occasion is going to go down pretty well right now, and we've crafted some ideas to help you do just that.

For newcomers to the Force

This will be the first taste of George Lucas' intergalactic battles and good-versus-evil struggles for some. So if the Force has awoken in them for the very first time, you'll need a gift that matches this new-found interest.

The box-set

Chances are that if they enjoy The Force Awakens, they'll also enjoy the rest of the films in the series. Getting them the full DVD set allows them to see Han and Chewie in their prime, along with all the other countless classic characters.

Video games

There's so much choice when it comes to games inspired by the franchise: titles based on the movies themselves and also releases that are set between certain movies, filling in the gaps in the storylines.

There's likely to be a Force Awakens game released for the latest consoles in the future, however, Star Wars Battlefront more than fills the void at the present time.

Fans of cutting-edge gaming technology will thoroughly appreciate this, while if the recipient is more into their retro gaming classics like the original PlayStation or Sega Mega Drive, they might prefer something like Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire on Nintendo 64.

Lego Darth Vader

For hard-core fans

There are those who have been there from the start, and also people who first watched The Phantom Menace and became hooked on the series from then on. They're likely to have such staples as the DVD collection already, so you'll have to get a little more creative here.

Construction kits

Ranging all the way from LEGO to bespoke models, long-time fans will appreciate the chance to build their own X-Wing or TIE Fighter - depending on whether they're more Jedi or Sith. The ultimate challenge would be to build their own Death Star, as if they were the Emperor himself.

A lifestyle gift

If every moment of theirs is spent eating, sleeping, and breathing Star Wars, then a gift that coincides with this schedule can't go far wrong.

From mugs to bed-spreads, there really is a Star Wars version of just about everything these days. However, to make sure your gift is original, how about something like a Jedi bathrobe or even an R2-D2 desktop hoover? Yes, that last one really does exist!

For the younger ones

The Force Awakens is rated 12A, which means that teens will be heading to the cinema to see what all the fuss is about, just like their mums and dads. With the LEGO Star Wars range on the shelves, too, slightly younger children have also taken to Luke and Leia.

Buying a gift for the younger generation presents a different challenge, as they're growing up so fast and their interests are ever-changing. However, it's a challenge that you're certainly able to overcome with the help of our recommendations!

Gadget accessories

Teenagers love their electronics. From laptops to tablets and, of course, mobiles, they're a generation who are always plugged-in. You don't necessarily need to push the boat out all the way and spend a fortune on a real-life lightsaber, as there are many fun presents you can buy for a fraction of the price.

If they have a tablet and a smartphone already, buying some vinyl stickers allows them to personalise their devices in classic Star Wars style. Available for around five pounds, they make for great stocking fillers or well-done gifts!

A watch

As children grow up, they learn the value of expensive and sentimental items, which means that you can treat them to a pricier gift, knowing that they'll look after it for years to come.

A watch is a great way of showing off your interests and personality, and is also practical, too. It'll help them get to class on time in secondary school and even through to college, while they'll never have an excuse to be late for tea ever again!

Luke Skywalker Watch

This Star Wars limited edition collector's watch bridges the gap between teenage and adult fashion, being vibrant in colour but not overly so. As such, it's a piece they can wear for a number of years, forever finding that the design matches their tastes and style.

Star Wars gifts are available to suit all kinds of budgets and are ideal for many an occasion. No matter whether the recipient has just discovered their love of the famous cast of characters, or if The Force Awakens has revamped a dormant interest, they're sure to appreciate the gift you decide upon... even if it's not a real-life speeder bike!


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