The Phosphor Appear offers distinctive time-reading ability

First published: 06-05-2011

Watch fans looking to buy a product that is unique in its design may want to check out a new device from Phosphor.

Entitled the Phosphor Appear, the timepiece stands out from others on the market thanks to its dial format.

When in off mode, the face of this fashion watch looks as though it is covered entirely in Swarovski crystals, but a simple flick of a pusher at two o'clock reveals its time function.

This is because a magnetic approach allows the gems to move around the dial, revealing seven black segments that indicate the current time in a digital watch-style format.

A critic at Watch Report was particularly taken aback by the device, noting: "Phosphor has really created something different in the Appear".

Some other features of this timepiece include a stunning stainless steel case and water resistance of 50m.

Phosphor, who has a wealth of celebrity fans including rapper Romeo and singer-songwriter Faith Evans, finishes the Appear off with an elegant black leather strap.


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