The Lady Collection new from Swatch

First published: 14-02-2011

Swatch has revealed a new range of timepieces which come with a unique strap design, fashion watch enthusiasts may be interested to hear.

Entitled the Lady Collection, the products are styled with a long, slim silicone bracelet, which is designed to wrap around a wearer's wrist twice, Professional Jeweller reported.

This feature allows the watches to stand out on the market, though the choice of colour tones also catches the eye.

Consumers get the option of ten tones to choose from, these being green, yellow, pale crimson, white, beige, light blue, light pink, purple, azure and peach.

These "bright summer shades" are applied to all parts of the timepiece for fashionistas to admire, including on its buckle, strap and plastic case.

Recently, male watch fans were treated to the Swatch Gents Originals range, which also offer a wealth of stylish tones to choose from, with petrol blue and midnight black just to name a couple.


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