The Enduring Appeal Of Harris Tweed

First published: 13-01-2016

A classic cloth that really comes into its own in the Autumn/Winter months, Harris Tweed is a globally recognized and loved style staple from catwalks to Royalty.

Woven only in the Outer Hebridean islands of Scotland, and protected by its own act of Parliament, Harris Tweed came to wider prominence in the mid 1800s thanks to the patronage of Lady Dunmore.

Things really kicked into high gear at the turn of the 20th Century with the Harris Tweed Authority while the industry has remade itself since the mid 1990s with an emphasis on the quality and workmanship of the fabric.

It's not all geography teacher jackets and Miss Jean Brodie shawls of course, many fashion designers have used Harris Tweed in their collections while collaborations with brands such as Nike, Land Rover and Roberts maintain Harris Tweed's standing.

Read on for some of our favourites.



One of the recent big pieces of exposure of Harris Tweed to a younger generation was Nike's use of the fabric in a take on the Terminator style in 2005. Its order gave the weavers a huge boost, mobilizing the whole Outer Hebrides by all accounts. Further outings have since come from Vans, Converse and New Balance proving it a popular, practical choice for sneaker aficionados.

iPad Covers


Bringing things bang up to date is this iPad cover in a glorious yellow Harris Tweed. If the vivid colour choice didn't turn your Harris Tweed expectations upside down, just check the inner lining it's teamed with. Full on psychedelic!



A marriage of two design classics, we love this retro Roberts DAB radio in its Harris Tweed jacket. This demonstrates perfectly the rebirth of Harris Tweed, playing on both its heritage credentials and outlook for the future. Keeping things within their well-defined brand image while allowing these playful uses of the cloth.



New Scottish watch brand Kartel have four models in their Tarbert collection as part of their exclusive WatchShop launch, featuring a choice of four colours of Harris Tweed in their straps, making for a real eye-catching piece of wrist wear.

Biker Jacket


Another classic design love-in, how about this biker jacket from Schott NYC in Harris Tweed? Bringing an almost punk edge to the bad boy favourite, it also reminds us that the cloth itself is durable and hard wearing and a valid choice to protect the wearer from the elements.

Land Rover


Taking things up a level, this Land Rover Defender Harris Tweed Edition by Khan Design is a show stopping addition to the exclusive club with subtle tweed inserts in the upholstery setting off a classy customization of a fellow iconic UK brand.

Down Jacket


Another jacket to remind you of Harris Tweed's outdoors pedigree, this down filled jacket from Crescent Down Works adds a new element to your next hunting, shooting, fishing expedition.

Christmas Stocking


Ending this round up with a suitably festive addition is these gorgeous Harris Tweed stockings to hang on your fireplace bringing an instant traditional Christmas vibe to your home.


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