The Breguet Petite Fleur detailed

First published: 04-05-2011

Fashionistas looking to find a new watch which beams of elegance may want to direct their attention to an eye-catching Breguet timepiece.

The Breguet Petite Fleur – which translates to Little Flower – is the device in question and is able to stand out from other tickers on the market thanks to its diamond-heavy design.

In fact, 141 of these gems make up the dial of this fashion watch, which form together in a snow-setting style to conceal the white-metal dial underneath.

A concave design applied to the face adds to the uniqueness of this Breguet device too, while two rows of gems across the border helps to create a flower-petal effect.

Consumers will be pleased to hear that time is easy to read on this ticker as well, thanks to the hour and second hands being coloured with sharp blue tones.

Breguet, which has been recognised in the watchmaking industry since 1775, finishes this timepiece off with a black satin strap, enhancing its attractiveness even further.


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