Technology 'cannot replace style of watches'

First published: 14-10-2011

A watch is an important item which can offer the wearer a degree of sophistication which cannot be achieved with other items.

Although the rise of mobile phones has meant that some people now believe watches will become obsolete, the truth is that they provide something which a phone cannot.

While the practical need for a watch may have diminished with the arrival of new technology, they have now taken on a different purpose.

James Impey, content writer for timepiece comparison site, said that while some men may look at their phones to check the date or time, they know they are sending out a clear message with their watch.

"Watches serve a dual purpose - as a timekeeping device, as well as a status symbol and item of jewellery," he remarked.

"Even the latest iPhone will never replace the suave Rolex at the end of a suit cuff."

It is not just men who can see the appeal of having a watch, as women may also find that as well as having a stylish piece of jewellery on their wrist, they also have a range of practical benefits.

Offering her take on the superiority of watches over phones, Sarah Bench, content writer for, explained that phones can easily become lost among the other items that women carry about with them, while a watch is easy to find whenever it is needed.

"It's still easier to look at your wristwatch than fumble in your bag to get the time from your phone."

Watches are also great for creating a look for the workplace, with Angela Marshall, proprietor of, explaining that a quality timepiece can help people to make a real impact in the workplace.

While timeless styles are great for professionals, those in artistic careers can express themselves with something more fashionable and individual.  


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