TAG Heuer named a "genius" watch brand

First published: 20-11-2009

TAG Heuer's commitment to digital media garnered the highest distinction among luxury watch brands in a new ranking system compiled by the L2 Luxury Lab of the NYU Stern School of Business.

The Digital IQ study, the first of its kind, measured the effectiveness of different companies' "digital competence" with each organisation assigned a Digital IQ value and the corresponding description of genius, gifted, average, challenged or feeble.

Watch manufacturer TAG Heuer came 8th out of 109 luxury brands, making it the only timepiece company to be branded a genius.

TAG Heuer said that by placing a body of benefits at the heart of the business - namely its watches - the organisation said that it continues to stand "among the world's most successful luxury brands".

He continued: "We are obviously very proud of this recognition. But above all, we are much more than 'geniuses' or the 'best in class'. We are TAG Heuer."

TAG Heuer is perhaps most famous for its Monaco watch, which was very popular among famous people such as Steve McQueen.


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