Swatch reveals new line of automatic watches

First published: 26-04-2013

Swatch is to cater for people who want automatic watches but do not have the budget for very expensive styles by bringing in its own line of new timepieces. 

It was announced this week that automatic watches under the Sistem51 line will be launched in October 2013 and will be much cheaper than its nearest rivals, Bloomberg reports. 

Automatic styles work by collecting kinetic energy from the wearer's wrist and so do not need batteries. They normally need a lot of components as a result (often more than 100), but the new Swatch watches work with only 51 and this is how the price is being kept down, the brand's chief executive Nick Hayek explained. 

The kinetic battery will be able to store 90 hours of life when it is not being worn, so there will be no danger of leaving it on the bedside table only to wake up the next morning and find it is completely flat. 

Analyst at Kepler Capital Markets Jon Cox told the news provider it shows Swatch is in a class above the rest when it comes to making timepieces that are quality but budget-friendly. 

Swatch recently had a stand at the famous Baselworld trade fair for the very first time and it used the platform to showcase some of the fun watches we have come to expect from the brand. 

The company was first launched in 1983 - it celebrated its 30th birthday with a host of special events this month - and has since grown to become the world's largest watch company. 

Earlier this year, it reported healthy profit margins for 2012 and said it aims to achieve double-digit growth this year. 

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