Supersonic concept released by Tokyo Flash watches

First published: 27-04-2010

Another Tokyo Flash watch concept has hit the company website, harnessing yet another kooky design that the firm has built its empire on over the last few years.

The Supersonic is a long-faced timepiece that sports "robotic looks and a sleek smoked black lens" to create an air of mystique through its immediate presentation.

On top of this, green and blue lines are used to represent the time in two hexagonal shapes that show hours, minutes and seconds in a "very simple to read manner" - at least in terms of Tokyo Flash watches.

Hours and groups of five-minute intervals are in the same positions as hours would be on a clock face and make up the lion''s share of the upper and lower circles, while single minutes and seconds are shown within these larger circles.

Earlier this month, Tokyo Flash announced that the RPM concept design that was featured on February 5th has made it to the next stage of development and is under technical consideration by the firm.


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