Subtle and striking designs emerging for watches

First published: 14-03-2012

The development of new timepieces can often be a difficult one, with developers restricted by the amount of space they have to work with and to create a product which can still fit all of the necessary parts to enable it to function as a working watch.

Taking on some of these issues but still producing stunning and innovative designs is Diesel, with the company set to release its latest ranges for its Spring/Summer 2012 collections.

Using a minimal palette of colours, the company has created a range of stunning watches that are subtle yet dramatic, as their strong details take the place of over-the-top additions or bright colours that could be used by other companies to make an equally impressive statement.

The brand's new Oversized analogue watch has been citied as being particularly impressive, with Tech Digest stating that the design is perfect example of how a brand with such a strong pedigree of producing great timepieces does not need to do anything over the top in order to be noticed.

Noting that the watch is available in a choice of either white, black or red, the watch has a chunky appearance and 200 mm dial, which helps to give it a vintage feel.

While some companies find that this aesthetic works well for them, others are more interested in trying out something more interesting.

Tokyo Flash is a brand that dares to be different, as it creates watches from ideas that have been submitted by its fans.

The company lists the best designs it receives on its blog and allows other fans to vote on their favourites.

Current designs listed on the site include a watch based on a record turntable, which displays the numbers on the circular 'record' to emulate the way that light falls on to vinyl when it is spinning.


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