Style icons 'change as women age'

First published: 10-06-2013

Women who are aged in their 20s are most likely to look to Cheryl Cole for their fashion inspiration, while those over 30 copy Kate Middleton's style.

This is according to the findings of a new study by high-end clothing brand CC, which found females admire the styles of different A-list celebrities as they get older.

Researchers found the average 20-something wants to look like former Girls Aloud songstress Cole, while women in their 40s prefer the sleek and sophisticated look of Hollywood darling Jennifer Aniston.

It was discovered that women are likely to look to high profile figures of a similar age when planning what to wear, with those in their 20s favouring Jessica Ennis and Emma Watson more than their older counterparts.

Lorraine Kelly was found to be the most-copied woman in her 50s, while Helen Mirren came out at the top of the pile among those in their 60s.

It seems no matter how old they are, most ladies agree that Audrey Hepburn's undeniable beauty and effortless style makes her the top fashion icon of all time, while Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly were not far behind.

A spokeswoman for CC said: "Whether you are in your twenties, thirties or forties there are some women in this poll who have undisputed style.

"The Duchess of Cambridge for example has an elegant style that women both young and old can appreciate.

"It’s encouraging to younger women that you don’t necessarily have to bare all to look appealing."

What's more, 15 per cent of ladies said they enjoy dressing like their favourite celebrity, with more than a quarter admitting they have tried to find out where a particular garment was from after they saw it on TV.

Some were prepared to go to great lengths to buy an outfit, even phoning the TV show that the star had appeared on to ensure they could get their hands on a must-have look.


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