Strictly big watches for Camilla

First published: 28-08-2009

In light of the newest series of Strictly Come Dancing hitting our screens, one of the expert dancers has spoken of her tastes in fashion and, more specifically, watches.

Camilla Dallerup, one of the many professionals who will be working with the new batch of celebrities and familiar faces on the popular BBC show, proclaimed her love of wearing big, masculine watches to the Daily Mail this week.

She said she received one as a gift from a friend while in London and has found it hard to be without it ever since.

Camilla explained: "It's one of those things, like my engagement ring and a silver and gold ring that I bought in Japan years ago, that I feel almost naked without."

She owns another - a very slim white gold watch - though she can only deal in extremes of size, adding that she will have "nothing in between".

Among the stars of Strictly Come Dancing this year is champion boxer Joe Calzaghe, former cricketer Phil Tufnell and estranged wife of Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood, Jo.


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