Steel watches 'are favourable' over titanium ones

First published: 18-01-2011

Watch fans should opt for a timepiece which is made of steel rather than titanium, according to an expert.

Writing for, the Watch Snob said that the debate over the two metals is one which rivals "the greats of Brando vs Dean and Marilyn vs Jackie".

The expert added that stainless steel is the heavyweight contender, literally and figuratively.

"Every great watch ever made has been done in steel, and it is both durable and handsome (not unlike me, some would say). You’ll never see a great watch ... in titanium, I can promise you that," they stated.

It was advised that titanium is a fine choice for a watch which is joining a collection, however, people investing in a stand-out timepiece should ensure that they go for steel.

Recently, Robert-Jan Broer, writing for, said that large watches are definitely not a fad and are going to be part of fashion for the foreseeable future.


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