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First published: 26-03-2015

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Spring is here! After months of cold, rain, snow and wind, we can now start to look forward to… more cold, rain, wind and snow - this is the UK, after all. However, chances are that at some point we'll get to enjoy a bit more sun and heat, and all the while we can appreciate the natural beauty that spring brings.

With the blooming flowers, the grassy fields, and the leaves re-growing on the trees, colour is everywhere you look. To celebrate, we've compiled a list of nine stylish spring-coloured watches so you can feel as bright and breezy as the weather outside!

Ladies' watches

Feminine flutter

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When we think of springtime, we conjure up images of butterflies in the garden. Therefore, for the ultimate seasonal wrist-wear, a pretty watch like this Olivia Burton model will beautifully reflect the wild outdoors. The classic structure of the watch is balanced only by the butterfly picture that adorns the face.

Coming out of hibernation

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Of all the treats springtime can offer, one of our favourites is that all the animals we have been missing over the winter come out of hibernation. To celebrate, this tortoiseshell watch by Michael Kors is perfect!

The elegant pattern across the strap reflects the re-emergence of all our four-legged friends, while the rose colouring marks the start of a brighter and more colourful season, leaving the darkness of winter behind.

Pretty in pink

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Where the brighter shades of pink are often more associated with the peak of summertime, pastel shades are certainly great for a springtime look.

This Vivienne Westwood watch is very delicate and pretty, like a flower that is just beginning to bud in the first of the warm weather, while the mother of pearl face harks back to the wintery climate that has just passed.

There is a small splash of red in the crown and the hands, keeping this watch very pretty and vibrant.

May-day. May-day.

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Come the end of springtime, we all start to look to the lively colours of summer and the heat that comes with it.

This watch from Coach perfectly reflects that segue period between spring and summer, with a vibrant coral strap to provide the holiday feel, while the classic design and gold case keeps things firmly rooted in spring.

Men's watches

For the leaves in the trees

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One of the dominant colours of springtime is green, since the leaves are back on the trees and fresh grass covers every lawn, park and field. As such, it makes an ideal colour for a springtime watch, as is evident in this fabric-strapped Oxygen watch.

The fabric gives the piece a totally relaxed and casual feel, while the bold colouring ensures this is still a bright and eye-catching design.

Time to get fit

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With the warmer weather comes a renewed desire to get outdoors, making spring the perfect time to take up a new exercise like jogging or cycling. With that in mind, an ideal watch for springtime might be one like this Garmin sports watch.

It can track you while you're out running, and show you how far you've gone and in what time, as well as what pace you've set. Its bright and fresh colouring reflects the vibrant landscape of spring, too!

Spring sunset

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That rich, burnt orange tone that comes with a sunset in spring transforms the sky, in a huge contrast with the gloomy dark skies of winter. This kind of colour looks extremely dynamic in a timepiece, as we can see from this chunky Lorus watch.

Combining digital and analogue displays, it is as clever as it is stylish, and measuring at 46mm wide it is bound to really stand out on your wrist.

Unisex watches

A host of golden daffodils

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What says spring more than daffodils? These sun-worshipping flowers are often the first indication that warmer weather is on the way, blossoming in late winter and early spring, and so a bold yellow watch will certainly signal the advent of spring.

This piece from Ice-Watch is ideal, since it has a large, bright face to mirror the opening of the daffodil plant, and will stand out from whatever you're wearing.

Blue skies ahead

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We've covered the evening sunset, but what about the sky in daylight? Spring brings beautiful clear blue skies for us to enjoy, which sometimes allows us the first proper chance to bask in the sunlight. The perfect watch to reflect this is this skeleton model from Swatch.

With varying tones of blue throughout the face, case and strap, this mimics the rich tapestry of colour that we see in the sky during spring, and the intricate skeleton design also offers you a peek into the inner workings of the timepiece.

There are so many colours that signify springtime, so your options are really open for which kind of watch you can go for. From rich, vibrant yellows to mossy greens and pastels, you can choose a springtime watch that is perfect for you and your style.


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